The SSL Industry’s Best Affiliate Program

Use the GETSSL SSL BEST Affiliate Program to easily monetize existing customer base and/or website traffic. You can increase your income with the world's only advanced SSL service.


Best Affiliate Program

SSL certificate is the most widely used and recognized method to protect website data through encryption and increase trust in the website. Whether you already have many customers with Web/IT-related services or a large number of visits to websites/blogs, what you need is to find a good partner who can help you and easily further from your customer base/traffic Profit. This does not require you to spend time and money! We will do all the heavy lifting for you.

GetSSL is one of the world's largest SSL providers, ranking first in our market share in Asia and one of the Platinum Elite DigiCert certified partners, in addition to (Symantec, Geotrust, Sectigo, RapidSSL, Thawte, GlobalSign, Entrust ) One of the largest platinum partners. We have a global team of more than 60 SSL experts who are fully committed to supporting our SSL customers, agents and branches through our excellent website.

GetSSL focuses on SSL certificates and network security solutions. We have more than 10 years of operating history in the SSL field. This allows us to understand our customers better and understand what the SSL industry needs. Our technical team continues to upgrade technology around SSL. Don't waste your resources anymore, use our SSL platform to make money for yourself. People need SSL. If you don’t introduce SSL, they may still buy SSL from us (because we are the most popular SSL), so why not do it?

Simple steps to start making money

  • Share link

    Place your referral link on your own platform, share it with friends or forward it to social media (facebook, twitter), make the most of the clicks on your website to make a huge profit!

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  • Register account

    Follow your referral link and successfully complete the registration of GETSSL account.

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  • Get a $20 registration reward

    You only need to register to get a $20 registered account reward.

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  • Get 10% commission

    The users you recommend only need to spend on the platform, you can get a 10% commission for consumption.

There is no limit to your commission, and there is no limit to the number of recommended users

Register now to make money

How to recommend to users?

Place on your own platform

Place on your own platform

You can place your referral link at the best traffic entrance of your platform, combined with attractive advertising copy.

Social media sharing

Social media sharing

Click the button below to enter the membership program of the console, get your referral link, and share your referral link to your friends and fans.

Mail invitation

Mail invitation

Click the button below to enter the Affiliate Program in the console, get your referral link, and recommend to your friends or users to join GETSSL by email.

What can you get?

  • Get Paid Top Dollar
  • How Does It Work?
  • Best SSL Brands
  • Leading Global SSL Team
    • 1.$20 Sign-on Bonus*. Get started earning immediately!
    • 2.10% Commission. The simplest, most affordable way for business owners to earn their customer's trust, increase sales, and protect personal and financial information using SSL certificates.
    • 3.We Have a 60 Day Token. The IP address of someone you refer is logged and a cookie is placed on, their browser to track them for you.
    • 4.1 Year Referral Retention. You earn commission for an entire year each time a customer purchases. Many SSL customer buy multiple SSL certificates throughout the year…you get credit each time!
    • 5.Payment Reliability. The pays affiliates by either check or PayPal. Minimum payout is $50 and you can withdraw funds anytime by simply clicking the "Money Request" button.
    • 6.Great Tracking & Reporting. You can login to your account 24/7 to view statistics, review reports to trac your commissions.
    • 7.Robust & Intuitive Websites. Our websites are sophistically built to convert. We have a whole team constantly monitoring and optimizing our sites just for you.
    • 1.The site visitor clicks your affiliate banner or link.
    • 2.The IP address is logged and a cookie is placed for tracking purposes.
    • 3.The site visitor links to our site and may or may not purchase a product at that time.
    • 4.If the visitor buys a product on that visit you receive your commission.
    • 5.If the site visitor does not make a purchase during the first visit, but comes back to the site within 90 days and then makes a purchase…you still receive commission!
    • 6.After your commissions pile up, request a payout.
    • 7.Your money is sent to you.
  • GETSSL is a global provider of SSL security certificates and renewal of the most trusted global brands. As one of the largest platinum partners of Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL, Sectigo and DigiCert, we have more than 60 SSL experts who are fully focused on SSL.

    • digicert
    • symantec
    • GeoTrust
    • rapidssl
    • globalsign
    • entrust
    • thawte
    • comodo
    • sectigo
    • alphassl
    • Enterprise
    • positive
    • 1.GETSSL has 10 years of operations in the SSL field.
    • 2.We provide the most trusted and popular products.
    • 3.We provide powerful promotion activities for the users you bring.
    • 4.Our prices are very competitive.
    • 5.One of the highest commission plans in the SSL and cybersecurity industry.
    • 6.A team of more than 60 people focuses on SSL!
    • 7.Process payment within 24 hours.
    • 8.Sign up for free – get a $20 registration bonus!
    • 9.Powerful control panel, real-time statistics and monthly reports.

Terms and Conditions

Sign up today and get started earning top dollar commissions with the industry's BEST SSL affiliate program. Still have questions? Contact us at and one of our dedicated affiliate managers will get back to you with more information.