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  • Validation 1-3 days
  • Extended validation
  • Free Dynamic SiteSeal
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Free unlimited server licensing
  • Green address bar
  • Free Reissues
  • Guarantee warranty
  • Business verification
  • SAN support
  • Validation methods
  • Available hash algorithm

SSL Certificate description

Maximise trust by using EV SSL certificate with extended validation
For organizations for whom prestige, maximum trust and high reliability are important
Full business validation (EV)
Protect multiple domains
Green address bar in web-browser
Encryption: SHA2
Entrust was the first certification authority (CA) in the world to earn the WebTrust for CAs Seal of Assurance from the AICPA* and the CICA**.
An EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificate uses the most extensive method available (Extended Validation) to verify identity and encrypt data for two domains, ensuring your visitors that you couldn't take the security of their information any more seriously.
Get the highest level of assurance for your e-commerce or data-heavy websites.
Increase conversion rates and SEO rankings by giving visitors the highest degree of identity verification.

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