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  • Validation 1-3 days
  • Extended validation
  • Free Dynamic SiteSeal
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Free unlimited server licensing
  • Green address bar
  • Free Reissues
  • Guarantee warranty
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  • SAN support
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SSL Certificate description

GeoTrust True BusinessID with Multi-Domain: protects multiple SAN's with one very affordable SSL Certificate

Manage multiple domains with ease with a GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain SSL Certificate, a highly affordable SSL/TLS option from a highly trusted and globally recognized company. With the True BusinessID Multi-Domain product, you can conveniently secure up to 250 Domains names over the certificate's lifetime, regardless of whether they're sub-domains, main domains or different top-level domains. This product is bundled with 4 additional SAN's, which means you can cover 5 domains right out of the gate, including WWW and non-WWW versions.

Secure the following types of multi-domain names:
Fully Qualified Domain Names
Different second level domain
Different top level domain
For instance, you can secure:
You can add, edit or delete new domain names to the Subject Alt Name (SAN) field during enrollment or anytime within the certificate's lifecycle. Assuming your specified entity has the right to use the domain, your certificate supports the several different domain formats mentioned above. A GeoTrust Multi-Domain Certificate is ideal for Microsoft Exchange or Unified Communications Servers in a shared hosting or QA testing environment, as well as for securing multiple applications on the same small business server.

This certificate features an industry-standard 2048-bit signature key and encryption strength of up to 256-bit. It comes backed by a $1,250,000 warranty and offers your site use of the dynamic GeoTrust Secured Seal–which is proven to increase trust.

GeoTrust True BusinessID with Multi-Domain SSL Certificates are fully authenticated. Ordinarily all True BusinessID orders are processed within 1-3 Days from the time GeoTrust receives your business documents. Actual time may be more or less. To get more information about document requirements, please click here

Encryption Strength
The GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain SSL certificate comes with a 2048-bit signature key and employs encryption strength up to 256-bit for all of the domains protected by this certificate.

Peace of Mind
The GeoTrust True BusinessID with Multi-Domain is backed by a $1,250,000 warranty and also comes with a 15-days money-back guarantee. This warranty will cover all of the domains you protect with this certificate.

Fast and Easy Validation
This Organization Validated certificate requires your company to prove it is a legitimate legal entity. This may sound like a lot, but it's really quite easy as long as your records are up to date. This certificate can typically be issued within 1-3 Days.

Browser Compatibility
The GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain is compatible with 99.9% of browsers and mobile devices.

Cheap Price
You can get a cheap GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain SSL/TLS Certificate for a whopping 65% off the vendor price! Try finding a better deal anywhere. Seriously! Try. You won't, we're the cheapest!

GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain Features & Benefits
Enables up to 256-bit SSL encryption
Quick issuance time within 1-3 Days
Organization validation certificate
FREE lifetime self-service re-issues
Secure multiple domains (up to 250)
The GeoTrust Secured Seal includes your organization's name plus a date and time stamp
Compatible with 99.9% web and mobile browsers
Present in 99%+ of mobile devices and smart phones
Unlimited server licenses at no additional cost
Protects both www and non-www domains
AICPA WebTrust compliant
Backed by a $1,250,000 warranty
Comes with 4 additional domains with your purchase

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