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  • Validation 1-3 days
  • Extended validation
  • Free Dynamic SiteSeal
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Free unlimited server licensing
  • Green address bar
  • Free Reissues
  • Guarantee warranty
  • Business verification
  • SAN support
  • Validation methods
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SSL Certificate description

Top-notch SSL security from a top-notch SSL brand with the GeoTrust True BusinessID Need to protect your website with a premium SSL/TLS certificate from a premium and popular Certificate Authority without paying a premium price? The GeoTrust True BusinessID is your answer. This high-value Organization Validation (OV) certificate can usually be issued in 1-3 Days, or even less time if all of your business registration information is up to date and ready. The GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL certificate features an industry-standard 2048-bit signature key with up to 256-bit encryption strength and is backed by a $1,250,000 warranty... wow!

Best of all, you'll unlock the highly-recognized and highly-trusted dynamic GeoTrust Secured Seal, which shows all your site's visitors that your organization is legitimate and has been authenticated by a trusted third party. This certificate will secure both your WWW and non-WWW domain. And at 74% OFF the vendor price, you won't find the GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL certificate for less.

This OV SSL certificate is a perfect affordable solution for any SMB that wants to be taken seriously. This certificate solution verifies your business and displays it proudly in the site seal and certificate details.

Encryption Strength
The GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL certificate features a 2048-bit signature key with encryption strength up to 256-bit.

Peace of Mind
This certificate is backed by a substantial $1,250,000 warranty from GeoTrust. If somehow anything goes wrong with the certificate, you're covered for up to 1-3 Days. This certificate also comes with a 15-days money-back guarantee.

Fast and Easy Validation
The GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL certificate is Organization Validated, meaning it will take 1-3 Days to be issued because GeoTrust has to verify your business details first. Don't worry, if you have your organization's registration information ready and up to date, it can be issued within minutes.

Browser Compatibility
This certificate comes with 99.9% browser recognition. Which means if you can use to surf the internet on it, then you're protected on it.

Cheap Price
This cheap GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL certificate is available for 74% off the vendor price here at–you won't find a better price than this. You can certainly try. But you won't (and if you do, we'll happily beat it).

GeoTrust True BusinessID Features & Benefits
Unlimited server licenses at no additional cost, plus protect www and non-www domains
Quick issuance within 1-3 Days
AICPA WebTrust compliant
Fully business validated SSL Certificate.
FREE lifetime, self-service re-issues
The GeoTrust Secured Seal displays the organization's name along with a date and time stamp
Compatible with 99.9% modern web and mobile browsers
Present in 99.9%+ of mobile devices and smart phones
Fast and hassle-free SSL installation
Optional SSL installation support
Comes with a $1,250,000 warranty
Easy security solution for both www & non-www domains

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