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  • Extended validation
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  • Free Reissues
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  • SAN support
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SSL Certificate description

Symantec Secure Site with EV SSL: An affordable extended validation SSL certificate from the industry's most trusted name

If you're looking to protect your website with an Extended Validation SSL/TLS certificate from THE most trusted name in Internet security–you won't find a better deal than this. The Symantec Secure Site with EV is a premium option for any business looking to secure its website and show that they take the safety & security of their customers very seriously. In addition to having your site protected by Symantec, you'll also receive the Norton checkmark dynamic trust logo (Norton Secured Seal) – the world's most recognized trust mark, which is proven to boost consumer confidence and increase conversions – and this certificate will enable the green address bar within the browser of all site visitors, the most trusted visual indicator on the web. The green address bar is the web's way of showing that your website has been verified by a trusted third party and is safe to interact with. After all, green means go in every language!

The Symantec Secure Site with EV SSL/TLS certificate comes with up to 256-bit encryption, which gives you the highest level security standard available. You'll also get a huge NetSure® Protection Plan warranty of $1,750,000, Critical Vulnerability Assessment and Anti-Malware Scanner, making this the most comprehensive security solution available–at a price that can't be beat.

Encryption Strength
The Symantec Secure Site with EV SSL/TLS certificate features high level of security supporting 2 hashing algorithms in one certificate: RSA and DSA, which include encryption strength up to 256-bit, with a 2048-bit security key.

Peace of Mind
A certificate like the Symantec Secure Site with EV isn't an expense–it's an investment. But to give you greater peace of mind, Symantec also includes a substantial warranty, where if anything goes wrong on their end, your company will be covered up to $1,750,000. There is also a 15-days money-back guarantee to make sure this cert is right for you.

Fast and Easy Validation
As the name indicates, the Symantec Secure Site with EV SSL/TLS certificate requires Extended Validation–a process where Symantec will manually authenticate your business as a legitimate legal entity. This process usually takes 1-5 Days, but can be quickly accomplished if your registration information is up to date and if you are actually a real business. Most certificates are issued in a single day.

Browser Compatibility
If your customers can browse the web on it, then they'll surely know they're being protected while visiting your site with it. This certificate works on 99.9% of web and mobile browsers and will activate all associated SSL/TLS indicators properly.

Cheap Price
We all want to get the best price, and you won't find a better one for the Symantec Secure Site with EV than this. You could try to find one, sure, but you have better odds of finding Jimmy Hoffa. And hey, if you do find one (a better price, not Hoffa) we'll beat it.

Key features and benefits of Symantec Secure Site with EV:
Immediate visual authentication for web users on major web browsers with the internationally known Extended Validation (EV) green address bar
The Industry standard level of SSL encryption 40-bit to 256-bit
RSA and DSA hashing algorithm support
Recognized by 99.9% of the latest web and mobile browsers
Includes support for the latest mobile devices
Comes with a $1,750,000 NetSure® Protection Plan warranty
Features the world famous Norton® Secured Seal
Unlimited reissuances for the lifespan of the certificate
Free Symantec Vulnerability Assessment with an Actionable Report
Symantec Anti Malware Scanning to protect website users (behavioral/predictive)
A simple security solution for both WWW and non-WWW domain
Symantec Critical Vulnerability Assessment

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