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  • Free Dynamic SiteSeal
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  • Free unlimited server licensing
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  • SAN support
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SSL Certificate description

Symantec Secure Site SSL: Top Notch Web Security from the Premier Name in the Industry

Protect your website with a Symantec Secure Site SSL/TLS certificate from the most trusted brand in the web security industry. Symantec is unparalleled in terms of the level of comprehensive security it provides and the supreme trust it inspires. And now you can secure your website with this premium Organization Validation (OV) level SSL/TLS certificate powered by Symantec–and you can do it for a cheap price!

The Symantec Secure Site SSL certificate comes with a free SAN and will automatically secure your base domain (i.e. in addition to the non-www variation (i.e. The Secure Site certificate comes with encryption strength up to 256-bit and features a $1,500,000 NetSure® warranty. Best of all, your website will be able to proudly display the highly-trusted & high-recognized Norton® Secured Seal–the best trust seal on the web–proven to boost sales & conversion.

Encryption Strength
The Symantec Secure Site SSL Certificate comes with a 2048-bit signature key and features encryption strength up to 256-bit, giving you the highest level of security from the most trusted name in the game. This cert includes support for both RSA and DSA algorithms.

Peace of Mind
The Symantec Secure Site SSL certificate comes with one of the best warranties available, it's called the NetSure® Protection Plan and it's covering you for up to $1,500,000 worth of damage in the event any mistakes are made by Symantec. This certificate also comes with a 15-days money back guarantee if you decide it's not right for your website for some crazy reason.

Fast and Easy Validation
This certificate requires Organization Validation, wherein Symantec will take the time to verify that your company or organization is a legitimate, legally registered entity that is operating in good faith in your local municipality, state or country. Don't let that scare you away, the process usually just takes just 1-3 Days (most are issued in 1 day) and ultimately it will provide your customers with the confidence that they're doing business with a trustworthy company.

Browser Compatibility
The Symantec Secure Site SSL certificate is recognized by 99.9% of web and mobile browsers–meaning it will secure the connection between you and your website's visitors regardless of how they're viewing your site.

Cheap Price
Everyone wants to get the best deal–it's human nature. And you can scour the internet far and wide looking for a better price on the Symantec Secure Site OV SSL certificate than we're offering, but you won't find it. But just to put you a little more at ease, on the off-chance you do find a better deal (which, you won't), we'll beat it.

Symantec Secure Site SSL Features & Benefits
Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) security with online business authentication
SSL encryption strength from minimum 40 bit to maximum 256 bit
Norton Secured Seal builds trust and confidence on web
Validate SSL Certificate installation with installation checker
Additional SAN/UCC support to secure multiple domains or applications on Microsoft Exchange on a single IP Address
Comes with a $1,500,000 NetSure® Protection Plan warranty
Unlimited reissuance for the lifespan of the certificate
Recognized by 99.9% of modern mobile and web browsers
Complete support for the latest mobile devices
Free Norton Anti-Malware Scanning (Behavioral/Predictive)
Easy security solution for both www and non-www domains

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